Thank you for your support! 

We’ve built a powerful campaign, but it still takes some money to provide literature, signs, buttons, and a campaign manager, which frees me up to be in the community.  Our campaign doesn’t have professional consultants, or other behind the scenes operators.  We’re volunteer powered, and will continue to be volunteer powered.

The Legislative session fundraising freeze has served its purpose and proved that we can build a people powered campaign on a people-oriented platform.

Now that the freeze has ended, I’m asking for your financial support to help us pay some bills to vendors and ensure that we have enough materials and supplies to get our message out to the people.

Thank you for your overwhelming support.  We’ve accomplished so far what no one thought we could. 

Onward now to victory!

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Questions and concerns can be directed to the campaign at:

Bob Hasegawa for State Senate, 11th District
PO Box 84331
Seattle WA 98124

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