As your Mayor, we will reform the City’s governance structure and make it work for ALL the people again, rather than just the 1%.

Policy Guiding Principles

  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Equity

Core principles

  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Respect

Income Inequality and Corporate Accountability

Responsible business owners understand and accept that they have an obligation to engage in business practices that support the health and welfare of the local community and environment. It is unacceptable that Seattle is home to some of the wealthiest businesses and individuals in the US, yet we still suffer from vast amounts of income inequality. We must hold corporations accountable to ensure progress for our city and its residents.  We will will take care of our most vulnerable by ensuring that their economic needs are met.  

  • Establish a “People’s Bank” of Seattle — A municipal bank, owned by the City of Seattle, that invests in our people and our community:
    • build significant public housing to eliminate the upward pressure on housing costs created by the huge disparity between supply and demand for housing
    • build sidewalks and walkable communities
    • support capital investments in transit
    • advance the timeline for completion of Sound Transit light rail
    • build schools
    • will leverage our tax revenues to significantly increase our financing capacity for needed public infrastructure
    • will make a profit and raise revenue for the people of Seattle, without raising taxes
  • City government has morphed from democratic control by the people into a top-down government, i.e. decisions are made from the top and imposed on the people.  We will reform government structure from top-down to bottom-up using Neighborhood Councils as community organizing focals, armed with resources to organize their communities and neighborhoods, and empowered to make decisions impacting them.
  • Support of municipal broadband as both an economic development strategy and a small “d” democratic infrastructure
  • No more regressive taxes
  • Corporate compliance with international standards on:
    • Worker safety
    • Anti-human trafficking laws
    • Clean supply chains
    • Environmental and Climate Change

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Seattle faces a homelessness and housing crisis. These issues are inextricably connected, and both are born from and exacerbated by income inequality. There is no silver bullet when it comes to the solving the most pressing issue our city faces, therefore, we must address the many sides of the issue simultaneously if we expect to improve outcomes for all our families.


Affordable Housing

  • Significantly increase public housing stock to eliminate the huge gap between supply and demand, which will stabilize housing cost inflation
  • Public/private partnerships that are beneficial to the public (i.e. affordable housing set asides and alternative rates that are dramatically higher than the rates proposed by HALA)
  • other cost pressure relief strategies like public and community land trusts
  • Strengthened eviction protections
  • Using the Municipal Bank to provide bridge loans and supports for refinancing homeowners at lower rates
  • Greater resources and expanded services for women and children in domestic violence situations
  • Increasing mandatory inclusionary zoning requirements and impact fees


  • Immediate, low-barrier public housing
  • No more sweeps of the homeless encampments
  • Continue to pursue tiny housing villages
  • Job training programs
  • Wrap-around mental health, drug, and alcohol treatments and navigation services
  • Stronger protections against discrimination in publicly funded shelthers
  • 24/7 Emergency shelters throughout the city with availability for whole families
  • Ensure services include support for those with physical disabilities
  • Securing safe lots
  • Inclusionary policy-making that ensures those facing homelessness are at the table when decisions are made about their future
  • Support LEAD program/crisis intervention training for police officers


Seattle needs a robust public transit system to meet the growing demands of our city’s booming population growth. Voters have made the choice to invest $54 billion dollars in expanding transit services.  As Mayor, I look forward to ensuring equitable implementation that truly serves the most transit-dependent in our city.

  • ST3 and added infrastructure is vital; in fact we need it delivered faster.  The Municipal Bank can help with restructuring ST3 financing to advance the timeline for completion of the Ballard and West Seattle spurs.
  • Need to ensure greater transparency, accountability, and equity in Sound Transit administration
  • Focus energies on clearing up current traffic and improving freight mobility, in addition to enusring safe bicycle routes and pedestrian safety
  • Better understand the impact bike plans and pedestrian walkways have on current communities in the south end which are lacking in the necessary infrastructure to make these improvements work

Small Business Development

Small businesses are the backbone of Seattle’s economy. From restaurants and cafes to barber shops and grocery stores to light manufacturing and construction, it should be easier to do business with our neighbors, and bid on public contracts. My administration will focus on ensuring the success of the small businesses–not just the corporations–that call Seattle home.

  • Technical trainings and assistance that prepare small business owners for doing business in a 21st-century Seattle
  • Tax relief for small business owners to help attain sustainability
  • Commercial rent stabilization in mixed use facilities
  • Displacement protection during construction work
  • Supports for Success and equity of access for our minority and women-owned businesses and other DBE’s (Disadvantaged Business Enterprises)
  • Bid preferences for local hires on public contracts
  • Supports to develop international trade capacity


While the federal level threatens to undermine the progress Seattle has made in the last century, we will continue to be a beacon of hope. Together, we will fight to ensure the city leads the nation by example through inclusive policy that protects the most vulnerable among us and preserves the opportunity of the American Dream.

  • Fully empowered and truly independent community police commission.
  • Community-led peace circles
  • Therapeutic courts
  • Educational wrap-around resources to parts of the community that need it most; implement the recommendations of the Educational Opportunity Gap Oversight and Accountability Commission
  • Lower-priced or free community centers in neighborhoods where cost is a barrier, with nurturing programming
  • Increased budget resources for outreach and community organizing
  • Youth Works public employment programs
  • Immigration protections
  • Anti-hate crime laws
  • Gender pay equity
  • Paid family leave
  • Robust race and social justice analysis
  • No new youth jail
  • Supporting the arts and humanities throughout the entire City
  • Creating wholesome, nurturing, and empowered neighborhoods and communities
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